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Our offerings include aṣṭāṅga vinyāsa yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, as well as other physical styles of yoga, and other yogic practices including Vedic chant, Sanskrit language and yoga philosophy with a special interest in the Yoga Sūtra-s. Check out our schedule, with rates and details » There is no time like the present to join our Yoga Alliance Registered 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Training! Authentic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) offers a program that truly fits YOUR schedule. Classes are offered on an ongoing, rotating basis throughout the year. You choose the topics, times and dates that work in your schedule, in order to accumulate 200 or 300 contact hours within 12 months. Regular classes are offered throughout the year, PLUS four times a year (January, April, July and October) we offer an “intensive schedule,” which provides a minimum of 75 hours of training per week. Most students complete either the 200- or 300-Hour program in six-to-nine months, but you do have 12 full months from the date you begin to complete all your hours. Click here for more information. Looking for a yoga space?  We happily rent our studio!  Inquire about our rates and availability » See all our news, schedule updates and more when you find us on Facebook!

2016 Yoga Retreat and Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador

This November in Montanita! Yoga • Surfing • Beach - Get the details!

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Workshops and Featured Classes


Five Classes Detailing Primary Series with Karen Kelley, Authorized Level 2 Ashtangini

Primary series isn’t just a sequence of poses. There is an inhale and an exhale for every movement into and out of each posture. These vinyasas make the practice smooth and poised. At the same time, there is a specific gazing point for each posture. These drsti-s make the practice focused and meditative.

Over five sessions, we’ll break down all of primary series – breath by breath, posture by posture, drsti by drsti. This is an opportunity to connect with and refine your breath, align your poses, settle into your drsti, and ask any questions you may have about primary series.

Session 1: Tristhana: breath, posture and drsti. Surya namaskara A & B
Session 2: Fundamental postures
Session 3: Seated postures through navasana
Session 4: Seated postures from bhujapidasana through urdhvadhanurasana
Session 5: Finishing postures
This is a truly unique opportunity to review – in detail – all of Primary Series, and so, it is also truly a class for EVERYONE!  If you are new to ashtanga, you will receive a thorough grounding in the practice.  If you have been practicing for awhile you probably have questions; this will be an opportunity to have those questions answered and advance your practice.  And, if you are a regular practitioner, this will be an opportunity for refinement with confidence, lead by an Authorized Level 2 teacher.
Do you know our friend, Karen?  Karen has been practicing Ashtanga daily since 2005 (she started with Dave!)  For the past five years, she has traveled to Mysore, India each year, to study with Sharath Jois at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. In winter 2016, Sharath blessed her with Authorization Level 2.
Dates & Times:
Weds. Sept 14, 6pm – 8pm  =   Session 1
Fri.     Sept 16, 6pm  – 8pm  =   Session 2
Sun.   Sept 18, 12pm – 2pm  =  Session 3
Mon.   Sept 19, 6pm – 8pm  =   Session 4
Weds. Sept 21, 6pm – 8pm  =   Session 5

We HIGHLY recommend pre-registration for these classes.  Space is limited and sessions will be closed as they are filled!

Matt Rulli

Arm Balance and Inversion Practice – New Class with Matt Rulli

Come and develop your arm balance and inversion practice with Matt Rulli! Matt will be offering a great new class on Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm.  There is no magical workshop where you can go in a beginner and come out walking on your hands. Arm balances and inversions require consistent practice and development of proper technique. This class will offer an opportunity for both in a safe and friendly environment every week! All levels welcome. Just $5 drop-in, FREE for AYTT.

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More Astanga at Dave’s…with Michael Williams on Mondays

Dave’s Astanga Yoga is pleased to announce the addition of the amazing Michael Williams to our class schedule!

Michael will be leading Primary Series on Mondays from 6pm – 7:30pm…for just a $10 drop-in, FREE for AYTT!

Especially good for those new to astanga, in this class Michael will keep it light, address alignment, and workshop some postures. Each week we may (or may not) make it through the full primary series as we address questions and details. If you are “astanga curious,” or if you’re a current Flow or Power practitioner looking to take your practice to the next level, be sure to check out Michael’s class — Mondays at 6pm!

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amy kraft forward fold

Aging with Vitality and Balance

Saturday October 1, 2016, 12pm – 3pm
In this workshop, Amy will show you how to integrate functional anatomy with your yoga postures and therapeutic techniques to achieve balance, strength, range of motion, flexibility and agility, as well as reduce chronic pain. (more…)

yoga shana sideways handstand

Shana Meyerson -Four Fabulous Workshops


Four Fabulous Workshops
One Great Weekend
October 21 – 23, 2016


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